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Keystone Coaching

The journey of unlocking results

Increasing we find the challenge within organizations is centered on knowledge and skill, what
we at PDD Innovation prefer to refer to as keystone wisdom.  Often knowledge and skill is so imbedded, that it may be at an unconscious level.  Coaching provides a vehicle to ensures the transfer of this functional knowledge and skill, ultimately ensuring an individual that can perform and deliver results ensuring value-add to the business. There is no substitute for a competent individual, acting with confidence that stems from practical experience and the necessary know-

Our program “Keystone coaching” is focused on unpacking and understanding those keystone
skills and knowledge that is fundamental to your specific organization, and ensuring the ability to transfer this to others within the organization, depending on their skills gap.  We see coaching as developing a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, leading to
the achievement of organizational objectives.  Ultimately, is it about delivering results. 

Outcomes of our Keystone coaching program:

By participating in Keystone Coaching:  The journey of unlocking results, delegates will be able to:

  • Have a good understanding of the keystone wisdom underpinning coaching
  • Explore and understand the importance of coaching within their business context
  • Assess their own strengths and areas for development through a self-assessment questionnaire as well as gaining specific feedback from their learners
  • Apply a process to ensure effective coaching.  This entails accurately determining the
    skills gap, generating and choosing the most appropriate solutions, and implementing
    and reviewing the success thereof.
  • Understand and apply the keystone skills fundamental to coaching, this includes giving feedback, listening, asking questions and observation skills.
  • Accurately diagnose a strategy for individuals to address performance issues and development needs.