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Can mentorship work in South African businesses?

• We have a past filled with debilitating paternalism
• Cultures that have been polarized by different views and approaches
• Low levels of trust that exist between employees and management
• The working environment is littered with would be mentors that are troubled and unsure about their own futures
• Some managers see this process as a wonderful opportunity to "westernize" protégé
• How do we know that mentors are not passing on their "bad management genes" or that part of the culture that we want to get rid of?
• Would the one they are mentoring push them out?

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A ceremony for mentors and mentees – the aim: to build a meaningful relationship.


Crucial Mentoring Conversations

Mentoring nourishes others to grow and act with greater confidence. The need for mentorship is greater than ever before.

However, informal mentoring has not kept up with the challenges in business. In his latest book on mentoring, Niël Steinmann, South Africa’s leading authority on mentorship suggests a structured and intentional approach to mentoring, called crucial mentoring conversations. He explains: ‘Our success in life is dictated by the quality of relationships we can build and maintain’. 

Parents, teachers and leaders from any career, professional, or educational setting are now challenged to successfully navigate mentoring relationships. The book is rich with advice and will explore the various conversations crucial for mentoring relationships. You will be able to hold deeper more honest conversations that create new levels of self-awareness and opportunities for those that you mentor to transform situations and relationships around them. 

It presents to the mentor practical tools to facilitate this awareness and learning in ways that enrich, challenge, inspire and enable mentees to learn about themselves and their world. When you mentor intentionally, opportunities for crucial conversations present themselves all the time - from ‘What’s my purpose?’ to navigating career challenges, to performance feedback, developing strengths and how to manage productive relationships and networks both personally and professionally. 

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Keystone Coaching

The journey of unlocking results

Increasing we find the challenge within organizations is centered on knowledge and skill, what
we at PDD Innovation prefer to refer to as keystone wisdom.  Often knowledge and skill is so imbedded, that it may be at an unconscious level.  Coaching provides a vehicle to ensures the transfer of this functional knowledge and skill, ultimately ensuring an individual that can perform and deliver results ensuring value-add to the business. There is no substitute for a competent individual, acting with confidence that stems from practical experience and the necessary know-

Our program “Keystone coaching” is focused on unpacking and understanding those keystone
skills and knowledge that is fundamental to your specific organization, and ensuring the ability to transfer this to others within the organization, depending on their skills gap.  We see coaching as developing a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, leading to
the achievement of organizational objectives.  Ultimately, is it about delivering results. 

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Powerful learning … personal insight … fun … pushing the boundaries…team dynamics.

If any of the above words are what you are looking for: the GPS Powered Team Building might
be the team intervention you are looking for. 

Combining the outdoors as your classroom and technology as your tool, we provide you with
the most exciting and dynamic team event of the year. The GPS powered teambuilding takes
place in the beauty of the African bush and focuses on cutting edge team building skills and the principles of high performance teams.  Removing individuals from their natural comfort zone,
here it soon becomes evident that business goals cannot be attained in isolation but require
a team effort.. All this and more happens in a relaxed and creative environment whilst exploring
new possibilities and increased levels of effectiveness.

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A unique workshop that focuses on fun, the right attitude, team morale and workplace performance!

Ideal for bigger groups, FISH is focused on the following motto “Play makes your job fun!”
Interacting in a fun and competitive manner, teams explore how PLAY contributes to making the work environment a more productive and enjoyable place to be by. 

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"Changing technology needs changing skills, new technology, new skills. The person who wants to succeed in a ever changing world, should create shortcuts by seeking mentors and coaches. The mentor opens the doors, the coach guides them through."


To equip mentors with the necessary skills to pass on knowledge, experience and expertise by way of a meaningful relationship that is structured and planned. The end result is the protégé’s competence.

The PDD way

Sharing analogies with lions, our training approach is unique yet holistic. We analyze the four phases of the mentor protégé relationship and focus on the role that the mentor has to play in each. Considerable emphasis is placed on those areas of the relationship that would require particular skills.

By employing the Thomas International management tool (PPA profiles), we facilitate the development of the relationship that is about to be formed.


  • Developing self awareness about own strengths and development areas
  • Growing insight into own behavior and the requirements of effective mentorship
  • Increased levels of trust between mentor and protégé
  • Improved communication and interaction
  • Clear roles and a structured relationship with regards to mutual expectations
  • Improved mentor-protégé relationship because of insight in the management of each other
  • A well managed development plan for the protégé
  • Better knowledge and acceptance of individual differences
  • Motivated mentors