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We have been shocked in our corporate endeavors by the number of employees (on all levels), that demonstrate lack of commitment and negativity towards the company they work for. These employees are paralyzed and trapped by the changing realities of their work place or the unrealistic expectations of their career mobility. They search for alternatives and eventually blame the company and everyone else for their situation and predicament.

Most of these companies find themselves in extremely competitive industries and would all say that their people are their most valued asset.

It is with these people that the above companies strive to become world class, attempt to outsmart the competition, and satisfy the ever increasing needs of the customer. No wonder South Africa rates so poorly in this field of the annual World Competitiveness Report.

"No longer can anyone expect to be able to hand over their lives to an organisation for more than something like six years. After that you are on your own again and I can only hope that you are indeed as employable as it was promised. We are, in effect all mercenaries now, on hire to the highest bidder, and useful as long as, and only as long as, we can perform."

-Charles Handy (The Hungry Spirit)


Vukani is about equipping participants with the skills to manage their lives more effectively by:

  • Understanding the challenges and the realities of the environment in which they operate
  • Discovering that the responsibility for their own future, their career and their life is in their own hands.
  • Vukani is not about motivational hype, but a unique opportunity for participants to “wake up”, and to ascertain their own vision for their lives. To discover their “internal resources” and to develop action plans to achieve this personal vision.

“To the man who has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in life, continuous personal growth and development is like a religion. All his energy is focused, his priorities are clear and his actions support and strengthen his objectives.”

The PDD way

Vukani uses analogies with nature and shares lessons from our abundant and diverse wildlife on how they rely on specific “internal resources” to survive.

This one day workshop is participant driven with individual exercises and group discussions for self examination.

Participants will “plan their hunt” by completing action plans for their vision, development and growth.

”Everyone needs to focus on building personal assets to ensure employability. An individual’s only job security is the ability to recognize and develop his or her own portable skills and to market them in today’s knowledge-based economy.”

- Jack Welch (Control your destiny or someone else will)


Participants will:

  • Explore the changing landscape and it’s impact on managing themselves and others
  • Discover the power of a personal vision
  • Realize the importance of a positive attitude in their personal life, toward the organisation that employs them and the job that they do.
  • Determine their core vision capabilities
  • Learn techniques to manage fear, self doubt and other stumbling blocks to achieve personal goals
  • Develop skills to manage change in uncertain times
  • Increase their job performance by managing their job outputs more effectively
  • Produce personal action plans for their lives and future

Who should attend?

  • Mentors and coaches
  • Accelerated development groups
  • Management trainees
  • Sales staff
  • Supervisors and managerial staff
  • People considering early retirement
  • Employees leaving companies with severance packages

“Each employee must take responsibility for his or her “Best in class” performance and must undertake to engage in the continuous process of learning. Employees must accept that the security that comes from job performance is ultimately more durable and more satisfying than the security offered by paternalistic management.”

- Christopher Bartlett (The Individual Corporation)